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Electronic Military & Defense was developed as a resource for engineers, program managers, project managers, and other professionals involved in the design and development of electronic and electro-optic systems for a wide range of defense and aerospace applications. Check out the digital edition of our latest issue for exclusive editorial on wearable antennas for military applications, countering EMI threats, biological and chemical threat detection, advances in optical sensing, and more.

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  • Receive-Transmit Integrated Subassembly Products And Stabilized RF Sources With Modulation Capability
    Receive-Transmit Integrated Subassembly Products And Stabilized RF Sources With Modulation Capability

    Rely on RF & Microwave components, subassemblies and integrated assemblies from Teledyne Microwave Solutions. Designed tough for extreme applications.

  • Océ VarioPrint® 6250
    Océ VarioPrint® 6250 Designed for continuous operation and long-term reliability, the Océ VarioPrint 6250 supports from 400,000 to 6,000,000 impressions per month. With its productivity, quality, and interoperability, the Océ VarioPrint 6250 helps corporate and commercial users deliver breakthrough business performance and drive more revenue to the bottom line.
  • Barco D-CineStar DLP Cinema Projector
    Barco D-CineStar DLP Cinema Projector Incorporating Texas Instruments’ State-of-the-Art Digital Micro-mirror Device – exclusively approved by Hollywood for feature film display
  • Material Management
    Material Management Outsourcing has become a powerful and effective cost-cutting tool
  • SPRAY WYNG™ Boom
    SPRAY WYNG™ Boom The SPRAY WYNG™ design principle is that the boom maintains a parallel position with the spray surface, as well as a perpendicular position with the line of travel, at speeds of up to 20 mph over rough terrain
  • Big Red One: Custom Designed
    Big Red One: Custom Designed This 100% cotton tapestry throw from Ty Mawr Classics measures 51.
  • MIKOH SecureContainer
    MIKOH SecureContainer The MIKOH SecureContainer is a reusable container design that is sealed using a pressure-sensitive security seal — such as a Smart&Secure seal. The SecureContainer incorporates a unique closure mechanism that eliminates the need to clean the container between uses. The container is sealed by applying a security seal to a pair of disposable plastic inserts that are inserted into recesses in the container doors before the doors are closed.
  • Synapse Provides Technical Staffing Support To Government Contractors Synapse is a company experienced in providing technical support for companies that may be having trouble fulfilling work on the projects they’ve won.
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