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Electronic Military & Defense was developed as a resource for engineers, program managers, project managers, and other professionals involved in the design and development of electronic and electro-optic systems for a wide range of defense and aerospace applications. Check out the digital edition of our latest issue for exclusive editorial on wearable antennas for military applications, countering EMI threats, biological and chemical threat detection, advances in optical sensing, and more.

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  • EL31 Electrical Flash GoodView Hood
    EL31 Electrical Flash GoodView Hood 31 cal/cm2 Protection. Arc-X Resin Window provides excellent visibility and protection with Permanent Antifog coating on inner surface.
  • Cedar CD Publisher
    Cedar CD Publisher The CD-R Desktop Publisher is an automated desktop CD-R duplicator and printer in one
  • ICSD Services All services are designed to enhance and improve community service
  • Data Quality Control System New dfPower Studio 3.4 is a data matching, data standardization, and data analysis application designed to allow users to quickly and easily identify duplicate records, normalize inconsistent data, improve the merging capability of data from dissimilar data sources, and identify data intelligence issues
  • Barco D-CineStar DLP Cinema Projector
    Barco D-CineStar DLP Cinema Projector Incorporating Texas Instruments’ State-of-the-Art Digital Micro-mirror Device – exclusively approved by Hollywood for feature film display
  • Above Ground Storm Shelters Safe Haven Enterprise, a 100% woman business enterprise, provides prefabricated and custom designed above ground Fire & Blast Resistant modules
  • Save-A-Spill
    Save-A-Spill Containment unit collects leaks and overflow for easy clean-ups and contamination prevention
  • T82 Single Gas Monitor
    T82 Single Gas Monitor The T82 monitors one of fourteen gases with interchangeable precalibrated “smart” sensors. The “smart” sensor modules, including: ammonia*, carbon monoxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, oxygen, ozone*, phosphine and sulfur dioxide, store all calibration data and alarm settings.
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