Campus Recruiting Program

Source: AtWork Solutions, Inc.

Campus Recruiting Program
AtWork has proven methodologies in campus recruiting
In today's marketplace, recruiting and hiring the best people is critical to your organization's success. AtWork has proven methodologies in campus recruiting. Using a critical behavior interviewing model, we focus on finding recruits who possess not only the job requirements you need, but also the skills and traits you identify for each role. Our recruiting process includes:
  • Defining your recruiting goals
  • Crafting the most effective interview process
  • Identifying areas from which to source candidates
  • Managing recruiting logistics
  • Training interviewers
  • Conducting interviews
  • Monitoring the recruiting process
Once you have made hiring decisions, the next critical step is making sure that these new, talented individuals are assimilated into your organization. Our performance development programs can help you provide new employees with a clear understanding of the organization and their role in it.

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