Central Heating Plants

Source: M. Brown & Associates
Central Heating Plants
Our Central Heating designs
Our Central Heating designs:

  • Save energy.
  • Allow greater control of temperatures.
  • Replace single central system with highly efficient, modular systems.

Why use Modular Heating Systems?

By using a simple modular controller, we can maintain comfortable temperatures within the building at varying ambient temperatures by firing only the number of modules necessary.

This controller also rotates lead module to extend the lifespan of the system and offer greater savings long-term.

What has it done for our customers?

"We offer solutions to building owners of all type. But a specific case involved a local school whose costs were eating them alive. They cut back their thermostat and students were wearing jackets and sweats. We advised them to remove scotch marine boilers and install modular units with very specific controls. We cut their costs more than 50% and they turned up the heat. Now students enjoy a very pleasant teaching atmosphere."
-Mike Brown, Principal, M. Brown & Associates

How can it work for YOU?

All it takes is an email to or a phone call at 606.781.0098 for a FREE CONSULTATION about your specific heating requirements.

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