Source: M & J's Powerwash, Inc.

We at M & J's Powerwash, Inc. have a saying, "If You Can Wet It, We Can Clean It!"
We at M & J's Powerwash, Inc. have a saying, "If You Can Wet It, We Can Clean It!" This is for all practical reasons true. We have been contracted to clean the interior tile surfaces of bathrooms to the exterior of high rise hotel buildings. These photographs are some of the results acquired from our services.

The wide range of services requires M & J's Powerwash, Inc. to be a very versatile and adaptive corporation. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide a superior service at a reasonable price. We take every effort to minimize the cost of performing our services to make our price the most competitive.

Over the past several years M & J's Powerwash, Inc. has been called upon to perform some pretty unusual projects. However, one of the more common projects we undertake is the powerwashing of heavy equipment and fleet washing. We have been called to new construction sites to wash Loaders, Dozers and EUC's. We have also cleaned entire fleets of commercial trucking vehicles and buses.

M& J's Powerwash, Inc. is not confined by a given geographical area, we currently maintain several federal government contracts that call us from New London, Connecticut to Dahlgren, Virginia. We have serviced customers as far south as South Carolina. If you have a project in mind contact us to discuss the specifics.

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