Communications Center Services

Source: Rural/Metro Corporation

One of the fastest growing services that Rural/Metro provides is Communications Center services
One of the fastest growing services that Rural/Metro provides is Communications Center services.

Our dispatching services are among the most sophisticated in the country. We can enhance services by implementing advanced systems that help route emergency vehicles in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Our centers feature computer-aided dispatching (CAD) systems that automatically perform vital dispatching functions that would otherwise have to be performed manually. This way we can save precious seconds in the amount of time it takes to dispatch emergency units. And in an emergency, seconds count!

In addition to critical dispatching functions, our communications personnel are highly trained in emergency medical dispatching (EMD). As a result, they can provide "911" callers with valuable information and instructions on how to perform lifesaving maneuvers until emergency units can arrive on the scene.

But in addition to getting vehicles to customers quickly, the computers that run this system can provide detailed record keeping of key elements which can be of great importance to customers. Indeed, our success in running effective communications centers is based on providing a full range of services that enhance the value and efficiencies we can provide to local customers.

For example, we operate a unique LifeData program through which our customers can store information that can be of critical importance during an emergency (directly on the "911" system). Examples include instructions on how to find remote properties; locations of individuals within the home that might not be able to help themselves during an emergency; and any hazardous materials stored on site.

Our centers can also monitor alarm systems, and act as the base for "social monitoring" services that enable individual customers to call for police, fire and medical services with the touch of a button.

We also provide information management and technology that can facilitate the capture, interpretation and transfer of patient data that can be important to managed care clients.

In the wake of healthcare reform, many organizations need a reliable source of medical transportation for their patients. Rural/Metro is helping to manage and control the "entry point" of patients into the healthcare arena (thereby becoming the gatekeeper).

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