News | June 11, 2014

Evoqua Proven, BTA Modified Ristroph Traveling Screens Enable Compliance With Final EPA 316(b) Cooling Water Intake Rule

  • Final EPA 316(b) rule requires power utilities and industrial manufacturers to upgrade or install technologies to minimize adverse environmental impact
  • Evoqua offers proven, BTA modified Ristroph fish handling traveling screens to meet finalized EPA regulations
  • Up to 50 percent lighter basket design reduces hanging weight, wear and maintenance requirements
  • Evoqua continues to market and support Rex®, Link-Belt®, Envirex®, FMC® and USFilter® products

The EPA recently issued a finalized ruling under Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act establishing requirements for regulating cooling water intake structures at existing power utilities and industrial manufacturing facilities. The rule will require that the location, design, construction and capacity of cooling water intake structures reflect the best technology available (BTA) for minimizing adverse environmental impact to fish and other aquatic life.

To enable these facilities to be 316(b) compliant, Evoqua Water Technologies is offering proven, EPA designated BTA modified Ristroph fish handling traveling screens. In addition to new products, Evoqua continues to market and support Rex®, Link-Belt®, Envirex®, FMC® ,and USFilter® products to enable operators to upgrade their existing installations and meet the new standards.

As pioneers in the industry more than 30 years ago, Evoqua developed in conjunction with Dr. Joseph D. Ristroph a capture and release method of handling fish. A decade later, Evoqua with help of Dr. Ian Fletcher improved the system now known as the modified Ristroph design.

The Evoqua modified Ristroph fish screen design is an EPA designated BTA to safely and gently remove fish from intake screens. Design features include special screening panels with deep fish buckets, smooth surface meshes, flow spoilers, low pressure spray systems and special discharge fish troughs.

In addition to proven BTA, Evoqua also has unmatched service capabilities and can upgrade an existing, inefficient screen to better-than-original condition. The company continually develops new component and screen designs for older installations to accommodate changed intake conditions, extend equipment life and reduce operating costs.

“The modified Ristroph traveling water screens are a proven, BTA design improved with corrosion resistant non-metallic baskets that feature up to 50 percent less hanging weight to reduce wear and maintenance,” said Sean McGaughran, Evoqua global intake product manager. “These products combined with Evoqua’s service expertise can help owner operators meet the EPA regulations.”

To help owner operators and EPCs better understand the new EPA 316(b) regulation and how it impacts their facilities, Evoqua is hosting a webcast with Power Engineering Magazine at 3 p.m. EDT on June 17 to provide an overview of the finalized ruling for cooling water intake structures at existing facilities. Experts from Evoqua will review the rule requirements, compliance timelines as well as technologies accepted by the EPA.

For more information, register for the “Understanding and Complying with EPA 316(b) for Cooling Water Intake Structures” webcast or contact Sean McGaughran at or visit

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