ITSMart is proud to introduce an amazing product in video enhancement technology

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ITSMart is proud to introduce an amazing product in video enhancement technology
ITSMart is proud to introduce an amazing product in video enhancement technology
ITSMart is proud to introduce an amazing product in video enhancement technology. Paragon Imaging has established itself as a superior publisher of cutting edge video enhancement products. VideoEnhance Pro is a popular software among law enforcement, military, academic and corporate institutions. Please contact your ITSMart representative for product demonstration and discount pricing! Or visit Paragon's website at:

Paragon Imaging, a leading supplier of image processing software for government and commercial applications, introduces VideoEnhance Pro, a complete PC-based software solution for viewing, acquisition, enhancement, and reporting of imagery captured from surveillance sources.

Why VideoEnhance Pro
When your surveillance camera records an incident of interest, you need to capture that information, analyze it, enhance it if necessary, then present in a timely manner to management or other authorities for appropriate action. VideoEnhance Pro combines all of those functions in a single easy-to-use software package.

Ideal for the CCTV Market
VideoEnhance Pro supports the input of both digital and analog surveillance sources. This makes the software ideal for the CCTV market, where both analog and digital recording methods are used to capture surveillance imagery.

Supports Analog and Digital Sources
For users with digital devices, VideoEnhance Pro enables you to acquire images directly from any TWAIN compliant device such as a digital camera, or scanner.
For those with analog devices, VideoEnhance Pro offers an optional high-fidelity frame grab card that supports direct analog input. This card enables you to capture high-fidelity still frame images from any NTSC or PAL video source. Used in this mode VideoEnhance Pro enables you to dynamically adjust attributes of the source signal such as brightness, contrast and gain before acquiring an image.

Powerful Image Processing Operations
To improve the quality of your surveillance images, VideoEnhance Pro provides powerful image processing operations (IPO's) such as: zoom magnification, sharpening, contrast and brightness, stretch and equalize contrast, gamma correction, and many more. To identify the IPO's that best reveal image detail, VideoEnhance Pro offers an "Image Sampler", which displays previews of the image processing operations. After identifying which IPO enhances the image, you many apply it directly from the Image Sampler with a simple click of the mouse. The operation can be applied over the entire image or a selected region of interest.

VideoEnhance Pro features a familiar Windows like graphical-user-interface that is intuitive and easy to learn. Most functions, including the most advanced image processing operations,
can be accomplished with a simple point-and-click. VideoEnhance Pro also offers customizable tool bars for quick access to your most frequently used operations.

Build Comprehensive Incident Reports
In addition, VideoEnhance Pro enables you to highlight your images with non-destructive, text and annotations such as lines, arrows, circles and polygons. One of the major advantages of VideoEnhance Pro is it's unique file format (.DDF), which actually layers your enhancements and annotations without permanently affecting the original image. This is very important in terms of preserving evidence. VideoEnhance Pro enables you to build comprehensive incident reports by enabling you to attach other data such as text files or audio clips to your image files. Save your files electronically, or print them for presentation to management or law enforcement officials.

Proven Experience
Based on Paragon Imaging's 10+ years of experience building proven image-processing software, VideoEnhance Pro is an essential tool for any surveillance program.

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