Knowledge Mining

Source: Trinity Millennium Group, Inc
Features of Knowledge Mining Services
Trinity Millennium Group, Inc. will take your Legacy Application Systems written in:

ADA Advanced Revelation Assembler Basic C, C++ Clipper CLIST COBOL CSP Culprit Databus DBC, DB2 DMR EZTrieve Focus Fortran FoxPro Guru IDEAL Informix JCL Jovial Mantis Mark IV Model 204 MS COBOL Natural ODE Oracle PL/I Powerbuilder PowerHouse PROCS REXX RPG AS400 RPG II/III SAS SQL TELON COBOL Unified Files Online (UFO) Visual Basic

And exercise our Knowledge Mining process on it producing a whole myriad of deliverables such as;

1. Source Code inventory
2. Enterprise Mapping
3. Data Dictionaries
4. System Overview Flowcharts
5. System Module Low-level flowcharts
6. Business Rules extractions
7. Functional Strings by Variable
8. And many others...

Once our TMGi-SAT processes your legacy application, we can transition your enterprise into an e-commerce environment. Call us today.

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