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The Mobile Map 3010 (MM3010) is a state-of-the-art mobile radio graphic display system
Mobile Radio Graphic Display System
The Mobile Map 3010 (MM3010) is a state-of-the-art mobile radio graphic display system. The MM3010 can be integrated with a DTR system with or without control units. Alarms received by the MM3010 encoder are checked and formatted into an error-checking frequency-shift-keying (FSK) signal which is sent to the radio transmitter for wireless signaling to the MM3010 Radio Graphic Displays. The radio signal is received no matter the location of the MM3010 display. The alarm information is checked for accuracy and then displayed on the graphic front panel map of the MM3010 display plus an audible warning signal. The audible warning can be silenced using the top-mounted acknowledge switch. However, any new alarm appearing at the mobile map unit will cause the audible alarm to resound.

The MM3010 is continually supervised "in use" for both communications to the central control unit and interference by outside signals. The MM3010 encoder periodically sends a test signal to each MM3010 regardless of whether alarms are present. Each MM3010 display continuously listens for transmissions from the MM3010 transmitter and for unidentified radio signals on the MM3010 radio frequency. Separate front panel lamps indicate loss of communications with the central transmitter and/or the presence of an interference signal. The MM3010 encoder can format and transmit up to 64 independent alarm signals plus an optional security code to each MM3010 mobile radio graphic display.

AAM3050 systems normally consist of a custom-designed graphic faceplate and enclosure. The AAM3050 faceplate consists of a .1875-inch 606l - T1 aluminum substrate with a .020-inch polycarbonate graphic display bonded to the aluminum surface. All lamps and other AAM3050 equipment are mounted to the aluminum substrate. The graphic representation is photographically produced on the reverse (back) side of the polycarbonate sheet on a nonglare, velvet-textured surface. The graphic presentation can be provided in one or more of 11 distinct colors. For example, a typical display will show the fence line and buildings in bright blue, alarm areas and zones in white, and zone nomenclature and wording in red. Accents and special features will be provided in yellow, orange, and green.

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