Ops Manager™

Source: Resource Company
Ops Manager™
Resource Company has developed an enterprise framework and operational business system called Ops Manager

  • Resource Management
  • Project Managment - Stand alone or Interfaces with MS Project
  • HR - Personnel Records, EEOC, Actions Taken/Required
  • Payroll - Intefaces with Paychex, ADP, your package -
  • Integrated TIme sheets and Expenses
  • Accounting - Stand alone or Intefaces with you package
  • Integrates Enterprise Applications Into One Management Tool
  • Access Anytime / Anywhere - Web Enabled Access and WAP (Phone / PDA) Enabled Access

Ops Manager is a resource management program designed to provide companies the ability to better control and track projects, and maintain budgets for their: developers, consultants, trainers, telecommuters or temporary staff. Ops Manager, unlike other software, is a fully functioning system. It is specifically designed to be affordable, versatile, and usable by any company and any industry.

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