Other Services

Source: Khera Communications, Inc.

Link from the Business Resource Center: $300/month
  • Link from the Business Resource Center: $300/month. To get even more visibility for your site, we can put in a direct link from our Business Resource Center, which attracts thousands of people each week looking for ways to generate business. If your products or services are targeted to small businesses, you can't afford to pass up this very low-cost advertising opportunity. This site gets over 6,000 accesses per month.

  • Automatic E-mail Reply: $50 Setup, $25/month. We can set up a special e-mail address that automatically sends information about your organization to anyone requesting it. For example, if you send e-mail to, you'll immediately receive, in your e-mailbox, information about our Internet services. We can set up the same kind of automated response system with your marketing material. It's like an Internet version of a fax-on-demand service.

  • Electronic Publishing/Electronic Mailing Lists: $50 Setup, $25/month (unlimited mailings). While unsolicited electronic mailings are taboo on the Internet, you can still send e-mail to those who want it. This means that you can send a newsletter, product announcement, press release, whatever you want to people who ask to get on your electronic mailing list. You'll also save thousands in postage and printing costs alone. We'll design a form that people can fill out online to get on your electronic mailing list. For those who only have e-mail access to the Internet (and not Web browsing capabilities), we'll design a special e-mailbox that can automatically add their e-mail address to the list. Users just send a message to that special address with the word "subscribe" in their "Subject" line. Our software takes care of the rest. To send a mailing to everyone on the list, all you do is send an e-mail message to another special e-mailbox we've designed. Your message will be delivered to everyone immediately.

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