Freeware | March 12, 2001


Source: NotePage, Inc.
PageGate is a sophisticated wireless messaging (paging) application that allows for text messages to be sent from a number of different interfaces to pagers, cellular phones and other paging devices. PageGate allows for corporate users to take charge of day to day communications. PageGate allows for messages to be sent from any combination of the following four interfaces: a GUI (Graphical User Interface) windows client, a Commandline/Ascii interface , an Email gateway interface, and a CGI web server interface. The GUI interface allows for that enables an entire network to send messages from its Windows based workstations. This interface allows for group paging, preprogrammed messages and scheduled paging. The Commandline/ASCII interface enables many 'off the shelf' and custom applications to send messages to PageGate. In addition the ASCII interface allows for the scanning of a predetermined file for text messages. This interface is commonly used in conjunction with monitoring software. An Email interface that allows for email notification to be sent to numeric pagers and for email text messages to be sent to alpha paging devices and cellular phones. The web interface allows for Internet or intranet messages to be sent directly from web pages. PageGate's modularity (PageGate's modules can be run across several separate machines), scalability (direct cable connection and support for multiple dialers), multiple front-end interfaces, and high-end features (group paging, scheduled pages, repeating pages, on-call groups, and ad-hoc paging) makes it a perfect fit for corporate wireless messaging needs.