Profit Improvement Services

Source: The C.R.A. Management Group
The C.R.A. Associates are experts in cost-containment services
1. Cost Reduction Analysis
2. Auditing Services
3. Capital Equipment Budget Reviews
4. Equipment Repair Programs
5. Training and Development Seminars
6. Negotiating Workshops
7. Other Programs

The C.R.A. Associates are experts in cost-containment services. We specialize in overhead cost reduction - targeting areas of routine business expenditures. We have a vast knowledge of many specific departments as we have on-staff experts in each discipline who perform analyses in their area of expertise for cost reductions. Our specialists find savings in areas where most rarely look and where, as a consequence, overcharging and excess costs can occur unnoticed. These are precisely the areas where significant savings are to be made.
The extent of wastage and therefore the scale of potential savings can not be overstated. In many companies up to 25% of their profits will be spent on excessive supplier charges! Often this situation is due to the fact that managers are focused on many projects and have not the time or opportunity to deal with all the possible cost reductions of overheads, supplies, repairs and consumables.

The scope for increased profits through C.R.A. savings recommendations is correspondingly large, with the savings of up to 45% in some areas of expenditure. These cost reduction are not only substantial and easily generated, they are also the most immediate in effect, going straight to the bottom line.