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  • Municiple Waste System The Municipal Waste System is designed to automate the tracking and billing of solid waste. This application tracks the origin and destination of all solid waste. The user can define refuse classes and their associated rates. All credit accounts are defined in the system and have a defined credit limit. Vehicles are associated with accounts, and the system retains their tare weight. Also included is recyclable tracking data to assist the user in determining the success of their recycling programs. This application is ideally suited to facilities with multiple solid waste collection sites. The Municipal Waste System includes a complete financial module for account inquiry, printing statemeIntegration „h nts, and retaining a complete history of charges and receipts. Municipal Waste System has been managing the largest waste authority in North Carolina for over 10 years consisting of multiple counties and multiple cities.
  • LuxVu Glazing LuxVu glazing can be switched instantly from clear to opaque when additional privacy is required.
  • Software for Scaling Internet Computing Infrastructures on Intel Servers The GSX Server and ESX Server are two new software products designed to enable service providers and enterprise information technology (IT) organizations using Intel and Intel-compatible servers to scale their Internet computing infrastructures safely, reliably and on demand
  • DFE-530TX - Local Bus-Compliant Adapter DFE-530TX - Local Bus-Compliant Adapter
  • Military Family Resources Catalog Transition and Family Support Issues
  • Holistix Web Manager v2.0 Holistix Web Manager is web performance management software that monitors all the underlying elements of web systems and correlates their health with the performance of e-business applications like online purchase transactions...
  • Web Application Development (ColdFusion) Building a successful online business requires a proven technology platform, one that will enable businesses to conduct online commerce, increase customer and partner relationships, publish and personalize content, and automate key business processes
  • Raster Editing Software Digital Imaging Solutions is a fully authorized dealer for Imagination Canada's premier raster editing software.