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Electronic Military & Defense was developed as a resource for engineers, program managers, project managers, and other professionals involved in the design and development of electronic and electro-optic systems for a wide range of defense and aerospace applications. Check out the digital edition of our latest issue for exclusive editorial on open architecture and standards applied to defense applications, overlooked EMC vulnerabilities, microfabrication, display technologies, and more.

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  • Water Tunnel Model 1520
    Water Tunnel Model 1520 The Eidetics Flow Visualization Water Tunnel Model 1520 is a closed circuit system suitable for studying a wide range of aerodynamic and fluid dynamic phenomena
  • AHS Notepad v1.1
    AHS Notepad v1.1 The AHS Notepad software was designed to provide a simple means of logging notes and then providing a way to research
  • Telecom
    Telecom Datatrac is a leading provider of integrated telecommunications solutions
  • Internet/New Media service Information design, content development, Web design & programming, Web hosting, CD-ROM & DVD-ROM development, video & audio compression, streaming video servers and more.
  • Business Integration and Technology Solutions
    Business Integration and Technology Solutions Business Integration and Technology Solutions (BITS) - This is a sub-process of Business Process Validation (BPV), consisting of four sub-processes of its own
  • Employee Recognition Programs We work with you to create or improve your employee recognition programs
  • Pay Phone / Equipment Shelters
    Pay Phone / Equipment Shelters Our shelters are often used to enclose pay phones, coin boxes, mailboxes, monitoring equipment, ATMs, dugouts, shopping carts, stairwells, etc
  • No-Shank Mirror
    No-Shank Mirror NO-SHANK Mirror is an unbreakable, flexible thin-film laminate reflective surface
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