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  • XML-based Stand-Alone Video Logger Screening Room Capture is a new scaleable, standards-based XML-based video logger that can be used as a stand-alone product or as part of the manufacturer’s Screening Room product for end-to-end capture, encoding, indexing, management, and re-purposing of video content
  • Protocol Analyzer Software New Protocol Inspector Version 3.0 protocol analyzer software is designed to allow users to capture, decode, and filter frames quickly when troubleshooting protocol interoperability and response time problems
  • Multimedia Mapping Software MediaMapper is a GIS mapping software that automates "hotlinking" of multimedia files to the map locations where the files were obtained...
  • Vinyl Sheet Protectors Give your shared documents a strong defense against tears, wrinkles and stains
  • EL31 Electrical Flash Clothing Featuring 31 cal/cm2 protection, EL31 Clothing is manufactured with a Multiple Layer Configuration for enhanced protection
  • CQ-3270 Windows CQ-3270 Windows provides terminal emulation of IBM's 3270 Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) interactive terminals and controllers for PC-to-mainframe/host connectivity
  • Industrial-mount Mobile Computer The new PTC-890IM, is an industrial-mount mobile computer designed specifically for today's harsh and exacting industrial environments
  • System 21 PLUS 9 (Fixed-wing) System 21 is a computer-based maintenance management system designed to solve the maintenance, operational and inventory control needs of any operator of fixed-wing aircraft. The system can be used with any number of aircraft types. The Operator will be working under the constraints of a regulatory body such as the FAA, and as such will need to carry out maintenance and movement operations in accordance with recognised standards, keeping records as they operate and producing reports and demonstrating audit trails.