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  • Product Support When you buy IT products through ABEX DATA, you can be sure that you don't just get a box
  • Constant Current Regulator Flight Light’s (formerly Heavy Duty) 4KW and 7.5KW dry-type resonant constant current regulators provide precision control of runway lighting series circuits in low and medium intensity applications...
  • Digital Orthophotography Ortho, or rectified photography, has the geometric accuracy of a map but contains the immense detail of a photograph
  • MIKOH SecureContainer The MIKOH SecureContainer is a reusable container design that is sealed using a pressure-sensitive security seal — such as a Smart&Secure seal. The SecureContainer incorporates a unique closure mechanism that eliminates the need to clean the container between uses. The container is sealed by applying a security seal to a pair of disposable plastic inserts that are inserted into recesses in the container doors before the doors are closed.
  • Aimware's Product Manager How do I create, manage, and improve the work products of my development process?
  • Electrical & Lighting Whether it's rough or finished electrical supplies you can be sure to find it all at Contractors' Warehouse
  • Cygnus 2/3 Gauge All Cygnus gauges incorporate an echo strength indicator to aid in measurement capture on difficult materials
  • 2 m IEEE-1394 Firewire 6/6 Cable IEEE-1394, also known as Firewire or iLink, is a high-speed,and low-cost method of interconnecting a variety of computer peripherals and consumer electronics devices.