• SAIC Wins $68M Contract With National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency To Deliver Apps And Data Content

    The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has awarded the $68M Zeus contract to Science Applications International Corp. The Zeus acquisition is the follow-on contract for the Innovative GEOINT Application Provider Program (IGAPP) that SAIC has supported since 2014.

  • Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Receives $2.1M Of Additional Funding To Support State of Maryland Department Of Human Services With IT Services

    Comtech Telecommunications Corp. announced recently that during its first quarter of fiscal year 2020, its Mission-Critical Technologies group, which is part of Comtech’s Government Solutions segment, has been awarded $2.1M of additional funding for the Second Renewal Option on an existing contract to provide the State of Maryland Department of Human Services (“DHS”) with statewide Technical Operations Support Services (“TOSS”).

  • ColdQuanta Awarded $2.8M From The U.S. Government To Advance Its Quantum Core Technology

    ColdQuanta, Inc., the quantum atomics company, today announced it has been awarded an additional $2.8M across four separate programs from DARPA, NASA, and the U.S. military. These programs will advance the development of ColdQuanta’s cold atom Quantum Core™ technology for quantum positioning (gyroscopes and atomic clocks), quantum sensors (radiofrequency detectors), and quantum communication systems. Following the recent announcement of a $1M award from NASA, these awards put ColdQuanta’s cumulative R&D funding at over $30M.

  • Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District Joins The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System

    The Woodmoor Water & Sanitation District has officially joined the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System, one of BidNet’s regional e-procurement solutions, providing vendors throughout Colorado and Wyoming easy online access its upcoming solicitations.

  • Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Receives $2.2 Million Funding From U.S. Army

    October 28, 2019-- Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL) announced today that during its first quarter of fiscal 2020, its Mission-Critical Technologies group, which is part of Comtech’s Government Solutions segment, received incremental funding of $2.2 million, which is part of the previously announced $98.6 million ceiling contract to provide the U.S. Army with global field support services for military satellite communication (“SATCOM”) terminals around the world. The contract has been funded $24.4 million to

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  • Industrial-mount Mobile Computer The new PTC-890IM, is an industrial-mount mobile computer designed specifically for today's harsh and exacting industrial environments
  • M147 Time Delay Firing Device
    M147 Time Delay Firing Device The Time Delay Firing Device (TDFD) is employed by Special Forces and other units to place charges on high value targets...
  • General Dynamics Itronix GoBook VR-2
    General Dynamics Itronix GoBook VR-2 The GoBook® VR-2 combines performance and durability in a notebook that transitions seamlessly from the desktop to the vehicle. Optimized for vehicle-deployed workforces, the GoBook VR-2 is the only semi-rugged notebook rugged enough for vehicle deployments.
  • Advertising Creative Development We develop persuasive and informational print creative, broadcast, outdoor, and non traditional media
  • No-Shank Mirror
    No-Shank Mirror NO-SHANK Mirror is an unbreakable, flexible thin-film laminate reflective surface
  • Kronos 4500 Badge Terminal The fastest data collection device on the market today - and the easiest to use. Built on the successful Series 400 terminal, the Kronos 4500 terminal is a high-speed network-centric badge terminal designed to capture and manage labor data. It features a large 3 x 4” backlit display that provides clear readability and a secure, intelligent ATM-like display. The terminal can accommodate very large volumes of employees, shifts, current and future schedules, as well as transaction data.
  • Emergency Respiratory System for Firefighters
    Emergency Respiratory System for Firefighters EVAC-PRO is a new back-up system for firefighter SCBA equipment
  • SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons
    SATO Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    SATO offers competitively priced ribbons for most thermal printers. Our genuine SATO branded ribbons are designed to maximize the life of your print heads and consistently provide great print quality.

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