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  • Insert  Regrinding-Ceramic-Carbide
    Insert Regrinding-Ceramic-Carbide MICRO INSERT services many industries involved in metal removal with custom designed cemented carbide tools
  • Star Vario Perma Star Single Point Automatic Lubricator features a reusable electromechanical drive with exchangeable battery set.
  • RapidCycler Instrument
    RapidCycler Instrument The RapidCycler is the first instrument engineered to match the speed of biochemical reactions
  • SDB certification software now available from
    SDB certification software now available from A "TurboTax"*- like SDB application package completion tool is now available from Users respond to a structured interview, which produces the required forms, or they can print the forms the forms.
  • Tool for Sending Secure E-Mails
    Tool for Sending Secure E-Mails Send Certified is a 180KB add-on that integrates with MS Outlook 97/98/2000, Express and MS Exchange Client
  • Web Based Imaging Among imaging systems, the newest design is web-based
  • QSAI Wins $1.2 Million DOE Contract The United States Department of Energy’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management awarded <%=company1%> a one-year contract with 2 one-year options to provide oversight of the DOE’s Yucca Mountain High Level Nuclear Waste Repository Quality Assurance Program
  • Temperature/Humidity Datalogger
    Temperature/Humidity Datalogger The ezLogger/TRH is a fully stand-alone datalogger that monitors, records, stores, and transmits, via the Internet, the ambient temperature and relative humidity of interior living, working, and storage spaces
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