a2ia FieldReader: Advanced OCR, ICR, IWR and Cursive Handwriting Recognition Technology

Automation for Forms that Need to Move Faster and More Accurately.

a2ia FieldReader features state-of-the-art recognition engines that have been designed with one goal in mind: to help businesses access more data, extract more actionable intelligence and produce more profitable returns from their document conversion and information automation processes. By delivering cutting-edge recognition capabilities, customers around the globe trust a2ia FieldReader in next-generation forms processing solutions, across all verticals and industries.

What truly sets a2ia FieldReader apart is its unmatched ability to locate, capture and classify even the most complex and difficult to quantify data from structured and semi-structured forms into readily accessible, searchable and reportable digital files. Our customers most frequently comment on the improved automation efficiencies and measurable results they see with A2iA – less document handling and lower FTE costs, faster processing of information and accelerated response times and especially, the increased value and utility they are able to derive from the data that’s now accessible and can be utilized across the organization.

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