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ACT-IAC Launches EIS Initiative To Assist The Federal Government In Building An Innovative Technology Platform For The Future

Fairfax, VA /PRNewswire/ - The American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) today announced a major initiative to assist government agencies in building an innovative and efficient technology platform for the future by taking full advantage of the opportunities available through the new Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS) contract.

In July 2017, the General Services Administration created the opportunity to enhance the government's telecommunications and technology infrastructure through its award of the 15-year, $50 billion EIS contract. As the government's primary vehicle for telecommunications related services, including high-speed Internet, government hosting services, security encryption protocols, and many more products and services, EIS will replace Networx and more than 80 other Federal telecommunications contracts.

The transition to the new EIS contract will require close communication and collaboration between government and agencies. As the premiere public-private collaborative forum in the government technology community, ACT-IAC and its Networks and Telecommunications Community of Interest (N&T COI) have created an Enterprise Infrastructure Services Transition Working Group (EIS TWG) to help government and industry execute a more effective, efficient, and timely transition to the new EIS contract.

Members of the working group include all the EIS contract winners - AT&T, BT Federal, CenturyLink, Core Technologies, Granite Telecommunications, Harris Corp., Level (3) Communications, MetTel, MicroTech, and Verizon – and other industry leaders. The working group also includes the key government players interested in this important issue -- federal agencies, GAO, GSA, and OMB.

Building upon ACT-IAC's reputation for objectivity, integrity and commitment to better government, the working group will advise agencies and industry on the execution phase of GSA's EIS Transition -- a move of more than 8.7 million service instances to EIS over the next 28 months. The working group will identify best practices and recommend initiatives to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible. A collaborative forum is being planned for later this year.

N&T Industry Chair, Tom Cuneo (Vision Technologies) stated, "This working group is an example of how effective collaboration between government and industry can produce better outcomes, improve citizen services and save taxpayer dollars. Special thanks to the working group co-chairs -- Jeff Flick (NOAA) and Jeff Mohan (RGServices)."

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