News | April 18, 2012

A2iA Releases New Versions Of Its Data Extraction And Automatic Document Classification Software To Meet Market Demands

A2iA’s new software versions enable users to achieve higher levels of automation, fostering the push towards intelligent document processing.

A2iA, (@A2iA), the worldwide leading developer of cursive handwriting and machine-printed text recognition, and intelligent document classification technology, has released new versions to its software to address end-user requirements. Available in 23-country versions and 6-languages, A2iA’s product line is trusted worldwide to process hundreds-of-millions of documents each year within a wide variety of industries, including banking and finance, healthcare, insurance, government, telecommunications, and service bureaus / business process outsourcing organizations.

A2iA DocumentReader™, an award-winning data extraction and document classification toolkit, automatically locates, captures and routes data from documents that are unstructured and can contain cursive handwriting or information in an unknown location. A2iA DocumentReader 4.0 includes:

  • Automatic detection of check boxes associated with a pre-defined set of labels, such as those fields on a laboratory requisition form.
  • Automatic detection and recognition of Social Security Numbers anywhere on a document.
  • Barcode recognition, including auto-locate and auto-rotate.
  • Improved transcription and keyword spotting for letters, including the header, address, and body text.
  • Name recognition through a custom vocabulary for an address interface.
  • French phone number extraction on printed and handwritten pages.

A2iA CheckReader™, an award-winning software toolkit utilized by 8 of the Top 10 US banks and with over 44,000 ATM deployments in North America alone, captures, in real-time, data from all points on checks and key fields on related payment documents. A2iA CheckReader 5.0 includes:

  • U.S. Financial Documents:
    o Recognize proof of deposit endorsement.
    o Barcode recognition.
    o Recognition of Social Security Number use of a floating field.
  • Canadian Financial Documents:
    o Recognition of check number.
  • Colombia and Dominican Republic Financial Documents:
    o Recognition of amount, numeric, alpha-numeric, cursive and date fields.
  • French Financial Documents:
    o Recognition of "Billet à Ordre" and "Lettre de Change."
    o Recognition of French Social Security Numbers on forms.
    o Enhancements on RIB recognition.
  • Brazilian and Chilean Financial Documents:
    o Improved recognition on line 1 using regular expression and amount recognition for Chilean documents.
  • Kenyan Financial Documents:
    o Recognition of CAR/LAR, date, code line and presence of a signature.

Since its founding in 1991, A2iA has dedicated its research and development to addressing the needs of today’s changing environment-- to foster the push toward automatic document processing. With the end user in mind, A2iA continues to develop its core recognition engines to provide operative solutions for complex data extraction and advanced document classification. Its research lab, one of the world’s largest, continues to dedicate itself to finding ways to process all types of forms, documents and checks automatically, and deliver a visible ROI to its end users.

About A2iA
A2iA’s handwritten and machine printed text recognition, information extraction and intelligent document classification toolkits enhance solutions from integrators and independent software vendors. A2iA allows complex and cursive data from all forms, documents and checks to become part of a structured database, making it searchable and reportable, with the same level of flexibility of printed or digital data. Proven to nearly eliminate data-entry and manual document processing, A2iA has been improving business process automation for over 20 years. For more information, visit

SOURCE: A2iA Corporation