News | July 19, 2022

AiRANACULUS&® Awarded NASA Development Contract For Prototype Communications System

New Platform Will Be First RF Policy-Aware Network for Space Exploration

Chelmsford, MA (PRWEB) - AiRANACULUS®, a private, Massachusetts-based technology company providing early-stage research, development, prototyping and consulting services, announced that it has received a Phase II NASA contract for a prototype network to optimize mission operations.

Under its new contract, AiRANACULUS will demonstrate a first of its kind, RF policy-based routing platform to improve performance, resilience, and efficiency of NASA communications systems. The company’s solution, INSPIRE, leverages 5G Network Slicing features to create logically separate, application-specific tunnels across multiple network paths, enabling robust and secure communications. The new routing engine will be integrated with spectrum and network situational awareness capabilities from AiRANACULUS to maximize application performance and optimize overall network operation. The INSPIRE solution is also applicable in a broad range of commercial environments, such as Smart Transportation and Manufacturing systems, that operate in complex RF environments.

The NASA contract was awarded under the U.S. government’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program which encourages small business engagement in Federal research and development projects with potential for commercialization. Project and vendor selection are determined by individual participating Federal agencies based on the scientific and technical merit and commercial potential of each project. Phase II projects are focused on development and demonstration of working prototypes of specific solution platforms, along with documentation of development, capabilities, measurements, and tools.

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AiRANACULUS ( is at the forefront in Intelligent RF and Networking Solutions for applications ranging from Space to Smart Cities. The company has assembled the world’s leading experts to provide algorithms, reference architectures and products in signal processing, cross-layer analysis, cybersecurity, and networking to create spectrum aware technologies capable of re-configuring radio and sensor systems for optimal performance in congested and contested environments.

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