Analytical Services

Source: Kemron Environmental Services, Inc.
KEMRON understands the analytical support required to provide a concerted environmental effort...
KEMRON understands the analytical support required to provide a concerted environmental effort. The quality and timeliness of data are of utmost importance. Equally important is the ability of a laboratory to provide consultation and recommendations in the design phase of any sampling project. KEMRON takes pride in its expertise in offering project design as well as implementation.

Whether implementing CWA, RCRA, CERCLA, or CAA, KEMRON has provided analytical support for these projects for over 20 years. KEMRON realizes the potentially varied scope of support required for successful project completion, and is familiar with the situations that may arise from site investigations/remediations, waste characterizations, permit monitoring and Health and Safety programs. KEMRON's laboratory has experience in the use of EPA, SW-846, and ASTM Standard Methods. These methods have been applied to soil, water, air, biological samples, sludge and wastes.

KEMRON's involvement in environmental sampling and analysis programs over the past 20 years has provided the extensive experience needed to assist with the myriad of nuances inherent in a project. KEMRON is experienced at servicing its clients' needs in these areas:

  • afcee protocol
  • appendix ix
  • clean air act amendments
  • clp protocol
  • data validation
  • explosives analysis
  • extraction procedure toxicity (ep tox)
  • groundwater monitoring
  • hazardous substance list
  • national pollution discharge elimination system (npdes)
  • pretreatment
  • priority pollutants
  • rcra
  • sampling services
    • Water And Wastewater
    • Underground Storage Tanks
    • Groundwater Monitoring
    • Site Specific Sampling
    • Drums And Tanks
    • Bulk Asbestos
    • Industrial Pretreatment
    • Soil

  • toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (tclp)
  • underground storage tank (UST)

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