Granular Activated Carbons for Liquid Phase Applications

Evoqua Water Technologies is the exclusive provider of Westates® brand activated carbons. AquaCarb® granular activated carbons are used to remove taste, odor, organic compounds and color bodies for municipal, industrial and remedial water treatment.

Evoqua offers a broad range of Westates® granular activated carbons for liquid phase applications that treat industrial, municipal or environmental water. We inventory a full line of our premium AquaCarb® , virgin-grade activated carbons made from high quality bituminous coal, coconut shell and anthracite coal raw materials. Liquid applications for activated carbon include improving the taste and quality of drinking water, treating industrial wastewater, purifying materials used in production processes and filtering contaminants out of groundwater at environmental cleanup sites.

All AquaCarb® activated carbons are extensively QA/QC tested at our state-certified environmental and carbon testing laboratory. Our complete quality control analysis uses ASTM standard testing methods to assure the consistent quality of AquaCarb® carbon products.

Applications for AquaCarb® activated carbons include:

Drinking Water Treatment

  • Disinfection By-Products Removal
  • Mercury Removal
  • Taste and Odor Control
  • TOC Reduction

Groundwater Remediation

  • Organic Chemicals Removal
  • VOC Removal

Industrial Process Water

  • Organic Chemicals Removal
  • VOC Removal

Odor and Vapor Control

  • VOC Control

Wastewater Treatment

  • Tertiary Treatment
  • TOC Reduction

Featured Products
Evoqua offers liquid phase carbon products to meet various water treatment applications. For more information on a particular product, select from the list below:

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