News | November 14, 2023

CoreCivic Enters Into New Management Contract With Montana At Saguaro Correctional Facility In Arizona

New Contract and Contract Renewal Momentum Continues

Brentwood, TN (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - CoreCivic, Inc. (NYSE: CXW) ("CoreCivic") announced today it signed a new management contract with the state of Montana for the housing of up to 120 inmates at the Company's 1,896-bed Saguaro Correctional Facility in Eloy, Arizona.

The new management contract commences immediately and ends October 31, 2025. The contract may be extended by mutual agreement. The total term, including renewals, may not exceed seven years. We anticipate completing the receipt of the inmates from Montana at the Saguaro facility by December 31, 2023.

Damon T. Hininger, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, "We are grateful for our longstanding partnership with the Montana Department of Corrections and honored by the opportunity to meet their evolving needs at both our Crossroads Correctional Facility in Shelby, Montana as well as at our Saguaro Correctional Facility in Eloy, Arizona. Our modern Saguaro facility, built in 2007, will now care for incarcerated individuals for three different state partners."

Hininger continued, "This new contract further reflects the attractiveness of our available bed capacity as well as the high level of service and trust for which CoreCivic is recognized. We continue to anticipate heightened need for our modern and flexible capacity from states and local agencies, as well as from Federal partners."

About CoreCivic
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Source: CoreCivic, Inc.