Emergency Respiratory System for Firefighters

Source: Brookdale International Systems Inc.

Emergency Respiratory System for Firefighters
EVAC-PRO is a new back-up system for firefighter SCBA equipment
Brookdale International Systems Inc. a new back-up system for firefighter SCBA equipment. Based on technology developed for the EVAC-U8 and the new EVAC-U8mf, the system provides emergency respiratory protection for firefighters should their SCBA malfunction or run out of air. The system can provide a minimum of 15 additional minutes of protection against toxic fumes and smoke (including carbon monoxide).

Without removing glove or mask, a firefighter can detach the standard regulator and quickly connect this product in its place, supplying the protection for a safe evacuation. According to the manufacturer, the system is durable, light, and compact — it is easy to carry, easy to store, and requires no maintenance during service life.

The system is comprised of a canister that is made of injection-molded, impact and heat resistant polycarbonate plastic. It is sonic welded, airtight, water resistant, and uses no adhesives.
In addition, the filter canister is fitted with an adapter designed to attach to various SCBA manufacturers' regulator facemask mountings. A ‘self-locating' device is built into its design to allow for one-handed attachments. The system's atmospheric, air-purifying, negative pressure filter utilizes military-spec carbon and a ceramic monolithic catalytic filtration platform.

The system is manufactured to internationally recognized ISO 9001 standards.

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