Engineering and Management Services

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ESC employs a wide variety of development approaches
ESC employs a wide variety of development approaches. ESC management tools and processes assist our clients in leveraging technology to improve mission accomplishments. ESC specializes in the following areas: requirements management, business process reengineering, configuration management, systems analysis, and integration and testing. ESC brings comprehensive expertise and experience in client areas ranging from policy analysis and design, strategic planning, and operational planning in the telecommunications and logistics field.

General Management & Policy Related Services

  • Policy Analysis and Design - ESC had innovatively leveraged their experience with information technology tools to expand comprehension and rigor to policy analysis and design. ESC is currently using this capability to promote improved investigation and coordination of efforts to address the Gulf War Illness Syndrome.
  • Strategic Planning - ESC has combined its knowledge of government operations, in areas such as logistics, environmental compliance, and counter drug activities for comprehensive strategic planning. Recently, ESC developed a strategic plan to enhance the Air National Guard's participation in the "War on Drugs" through the next century.
  • Operational Planning - ESC's expertise in government operations and engineering allows a full-range of operational planning: from basic strategy implementation to full Concept of Operations development. ESC employed this full-range service to improve the management and operational plans of DISA's National Communications System

Engineering Management & Technical Support

ESC provides not only program management engineering support, but we provide technical assessments and support for a variety of multimedia network engineering services.

  • Technical Assessments and Studies - The magnitude of the services and support varies from small analytical and management support projects to large-scale full lifecycle development programs.
  • Program Management Support - ESC employs a wide variety management tools and processes to assist our clients in leveraging technology to improve mission accomplishments in the areas: Requirements Management, Business Process Reengineering, Configuration Management, Systems Analysis, and Integration and Testing. Services include:

    • Requirements Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Systems Analysis
    • Integration & Testing
    • SETA / FIPS
    • SE&I
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis

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