Equinox Digital Modem Pools

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Equinox Digital Modem Pools
The Digital Modem Pool is the intelligent, scalable and easy to install modem pool that delivers reliable central site V.90 and ISDN connections to
The Digital Modem Pool is the intelligent, scalable and easy to install modem pool that delivers reliable central site V.90 and ISDN connections to any Windows NT server over T1 or E1 Telco connections. It is self powered so it doesn't require "an industrial-strength" system to handle your central site V.90 and ISDN communications. Because it attaches via the powerful SuperSerial Host Controller board, virtually all of the I/O functions are off-loaded from your server. Your server can now handle more connections and more work.

Benefits & Features

  • Compatible with a wide range of applications under RAS and dial-up networking for remote access, fax servers and modem pooling. Call for details on our no-risk evaluation program or to discuss your specific application.
  • Supports up to four T1/E1 lines from a single server slot and up to 16 T1/E1 lines per server
  • Supports from 6 to 96 modems per server slot for channelized T1 connections, 23 to 92 for T1 PRI connections or 30 to 120 for E1 PRI connections
  • Connects to the server via Equinox expandable host boards
  • Includes EquiView Plus management software
  • Supports high availability for Windows NT clustering environments
  • Rack mounting hardware included
  • Optional vertical stand kit available
  • Supports Server Clustering
Product Details
Easy Remote Access: Your Windows NT RAS server and the new Digital Modem Pool are the perfect platform for all types of dial-in and dial-out applications. Take full advantage of Windows NT RAS features and other available products for functions such as call accounting, fax services and out-bound modem pooling. For use in a LAN or WAN environment as a dedicated remote access server.

Scalability: Each Modem Pool chassis has an integrated CSU that supports a T1/E1 Telco connection and five SIMM sockets for installing Modem Modules (6 modems per module). With four Modules installed, the Modem Pool supports a full complement of 24 channelized T1 connections or 23 T1 PRI connections. Install five modules and get 30 E1 PRI connections.

Purchase only the number of Modem Modules that you require. Add others later as your requirements grow. The Modem Modules use proven and reliable embedded modem technology by Conexant (Rockwell).

Up to four Modem Pools can be attached to one expandable SuperSerial host board installed in a single ISA or PCI slot in your server, so you can scale the right number of Digital Modem Pools and the right number of Modem Modules to fit your exact needs.

Managed Solution: The Digital Modem Pool is a fully managed server-based remote access solution where calls may be easily monitored and managed either locally or remotely using the comprehensive SNMP based EquiView Plus software package. EquiView Plus is included free with all SuperSerial products.

Buying T1/E1 Service for Use with the Equinox Digital Modem Pool.

Part #Item
990309 Digital Modem Pool Chassis
990310Six-Modem Module
790164Vertical Stand Kit

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