GSCI Administrative Services

Source: Government Sales Consulting, Inc.
GSCI Administrative Services
GSCI routinely performs the following services to keep abreast of the complex and rapidly changing Federal procurement environment:
  • Advise and assist in GSA Schedule preparation, negotiation, administration.

  • Order and review all GAO reports pertinent to the IT procurement environment.

  • Review the Commerce Business Daily for client procurement opportunities on a daily basis.

  • Review the Federal Register for all procurement policy and regulation changes, and Executive Orders issued on a daily basis.

  • Review daily, weekly, and monthly publications pertinent to the IT industry.

  • Observe Federal acquisition trends and GSA/NASA/DOD regulatory and policy changes.

  • Track legislative changes and obtain pertinent appropriations or authorization bills.

  • Track current thresholds for the Trade Agreement Act and changes in the Buy American Act.

  • Obtain and review OMB circulars and bulletins.

  • Maintain current standards for all FIBS PUBS.

  • Maintain a complete reference library, including the FAR, DFAR, GAO protest decisions, GAO reports, CBDs, Federal Registers, publications, legislation, OMB circulars, and solicitations of current client interest.

  • Obtain and review significant solicitations.

  • Initiate corrective correspondence regarding defective solicitations for clients.

  • Provide consulting assistance to the vendor community.

  • Obtain information through use of FOIA.

  • Track new companies in the market.

  • Track systems integrators' activities.

  • Conduct public and tailored in-house seminars for both government and industry.
As a result of our extensive research and communications involving Federal IT procurements, our consultants are in a position to promptly answer virtually any question posed.

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