InterMAPhics for Air Defense

Source: Gallium
AIRDEF1 is an operationally proven, COTS display system for air defense
AIRDEF1 is an operationally proven, COTS display system for air defense. Start with a proven display application, right out of the box, to immediately prototype user requirements. Further configure and extend AIRDEF1 to your unique specifications, then integrate it into your operational system. AIRDEF1 is an InterMAPhics Configurable Application Product (CAP) for building Command and Control (C2) displays. It enables systems integrators and end-user organizations to deliver projects on time and within budget by:
  • Compressing development time dramatically
  • Minimizing schedule and program risk
  • Saving time and curtailing development costs
  • Enabling quick prototyping of and transitioning to the development of the Human Computer Interface (HCI)
  • Accommodating extensions and changes quickly and easily
  • Delivering extraordinary display system performance
The AIRDEF1 Assurance for Success
  • The structure of AIRDEF1 has been designed by Gallium to fit seamlessly with the basic InterMAPhics system. It, therefore, facilitates the perfect union of application and system software in the HCI arena.
  • AIRDEF1 is field-proven for performance and reliability. Customers use it worldwide to rapidly advance the development of their operational display systems.
  • AIRDEF1 is fully supported by Gallium to ensure the successful application of the technology. Gallium provides documentation, training, product support, and customer services.
  • AIRDEF1 is continually improved and enhanced. Thus, throughout the life cycle of a project, our clients can incorporate the very latest display technology.

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