Datasheet | November 12, 2015

LoRise Oxidation Resistant Activated Carbons Datasheet

The use of activated carbon in industrial vapor control system store move volatile organic compounds from process and ventilation air streams is very common. This adsorption process is exothermic (liberates heat) and will lead to a temperature rise within the carbon bed. A documented problem in some of these adsorption applications, however, is the formation of an excessive temperature rise that may lead to a thermal runaway in the carbon bed. An excessive temperature rise occurs when the heat of adsorption plus the heat of reaction of the adsorbed organics exceeds the removal of heat by conductive or convective cooling. Certain compounds, particularly ketones such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) or Cyclohexanone are particularly prone to auto oxidation once adsorbed onto activated carbon.