Source: C.N.C. Mfg. Inc.

Job shop capabilities for manufacturing
Job shop capabilities for manufacturing. For close tolerances, prototype runs, short run and long run jobs. Any kind of material and any kind of design. We offer 3 axis machining as well as full 4th axis capabilities for your more complex parts.

Our machining capabilities have a wide range of uses:

  • Air craft components
  • Circuit boards
  • Replacement parts
  • Prototypes
  • Aluminum extrusion machining
  • Specialized clamps
  • Automobile industries
  • Medical fields
  • Armed Forces
  • Many More......
We have VMC machines (vertical milling center), that can machine any material to the specifications that you require. With that we can provide you with optimal quality.

Key Benefits

  • 4th axis milling equipment for complex geometry.
  • Competitive prices for both long run jobs and prototype.
  • We work hard to provide the best quality and service to our customer.

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