Company Profile | March 10, 2000

Metric Systems Corp.

Source: Metric Systems Corp.
Metric Systems Corp. Metric Systems Corporation is a special equipment manufacturer. Metric provides engineering and manufacturing services for the conceptualization, design, analysis, prototype fabrication, testing and production of both commercial and defense related products. Our products and services encompass a full range of air, land and sea systems involving mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic engineering and manufacturing.

Metric is uniquely qualified to perform research and development work, full scale engineering development projects and production programs, having functioned as both prime and subcontractor since 1957. The long standing, stable work environment and strong financial base at Metric, serve as positive indicators that Metric can undertake programs with extremely high confidence of successful completion.

A large portion of our business is for the Department of Defense and other government agencies; therefore we are thoroughly familiar with Government requirements of designing to performance specifications, configuration control, technical documentation, integrated logistics support and provisioning, reliability, maintainability, safety, human factors, manufacturing, quality assurance, and testing. Our unique ability to address and solve complex technical problems with creative solutions based on sound engineering practices is well documented.