News | December 15, 2008

MIKOH Expands Sales Strategy With Online Store To Serve Needs Of Broader Market

Source: MIKOH Corporation

MIKOH Corporation (MIK.AX) today announced the expansion of its sales strategy to include the MIKOH Online Store, an online source for MIKOH's solution components. With established channel relationships, MIKOH historically has focused on large-scale projects for the company's intelligence capturing technology related to the integrity of labels, seals, RFID-enabled tags and secure closure devices. MIKOH can now better serve the needs of partners and customers for repeat orders and in small-scale projects by giving direct access to MIKOH's Smart&Secure, SecureContainer and SubScribe technologies. In addition, the site will serve as a future hub for partner and reseller equipment.

MIKOH focuses on market segments where items are vulnerable to compromise and having knowledge of this type of incident is important. These markets include government, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, transportation and logistics, oil and gas and retail. Potential applications include asset management and tracking, inventory management, automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and records management.

"We see a strong need for smaller, packaged, online purchases of our core products," said Andrew Strauch, vice president of product marketing and management for MIKOH Corporation. "The online storefront is accessible and functional internationally, reaching a wide audience of current and potential customers and enhancing visibility of MIKOH's unique tamper-evident technologies."

The MIKOH Online Store features an intuitive and secure processing environment allowing customers to initiate new purchase orders and easily re-order MIKOH products. Several MIKOH products, all incorporating patented MIKOH's tamper-evident technology, are available for purchase. Available products include both Smart&Secure Inform and Insight tags; SecureContainer systems and components; and SubScribe labels. Sample kits are also available and are designed for testing.

Customers can search by product categories, pricing criteria and keyword for smaller online purchases at For larger custom purchases, customers should call MIKOH directly at (703) 827-8063.

About MIKOH Corporation
MIKOH Corporation (MIK.AX) is a leading provider of physical security and digital marking solutions and consulting services. The company works with customers to design and implement physical security solutions to track, seal and/or monitor valuable assets. Both RFID and non-RFID in nature, MIKOH solutions align proper business processes and labeling technologies to ensure assets are effectively managed with certainty.

MIKOH's Smart&Secure tamper-evident technology provides physical security certainty for RFID tags. Physical security for RFID is vital in applications where the compromise of sensitive assets results in commercial and/or revenue loss. These applications include government asset tracking, vehicle identification, pharmaceutical distribution and more. Smart&Secure is flexible, scalable and easily integrates into any RFID system.

The company has offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, and McLean, VA and New York, NY in the United States. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

SOURCE: MIKOH Corporation