New Low Dose - Rate C-60 Source

Source: ICS Radiation Technologies, Inc.
Worlds only dedicated 0.1 rad(Si) per second Co-60 source that is commercially available for irradiation of electronic components.
ICS RADIATION TECHNOLOGIES, INC. and J. L. SHEPHERD & ASSOCIATES have developed a NEW Cobalt-60 low dose-rate irradiation system. The dose rate is 0.1 rad(Si) per second [360 rad(Si) per hour]. The system will be able to irradiate 6 to 8 bias boards of components (test lots) at one time. Thus, reducing the overall cost of long-term irradiations to not much more than that of the standard MIL-STD Test Method 1019 of 50 rad(Si) per second irradiations.

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