Company Profile | March 9, 2000

Purifics Environmental Technologies, Inc.

Source: Purifics Environmental Technologies, Inc.
Purifics Environmental Technologies, Inc. Purifics® is a knowledge-based company that engineers and builds industrial water and air treatment solutions for groundwater, process wastewater, and air emissions. Purifics'® core product, Photo-Cat®, is a patented photocatalytic process that detoxifies and/or purifies. Photo-Cat® destroys organic contaminants at the source eliminating waste and associated liability.

Photo-Cat® is a significant development in fluid purification and is a lower cost alternative to the following processes:

  • Carbon
  • UV H2O2 / Ozone
  • Air Stripping with Off-Gas Treatment
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Biological Treatment
  • Thermal Catalytic Air Treatment

Photo-Cat® is an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), however, the Photo-Cat® process has many unique advantages over traditional processes. The most significant advantage is a 65% to 75% reduction in operating and maintenance cost due to electrical efficiency gains, significantly longer lamp life, and the use of a catalyst that is retained in the process. Photo-Cat® also eliminates the costly pre and post treatment requirements of the traditional AOP treatment trains.

The Photo-Cat® process accepts and treats water with suspended oil, turbidity, high levels of total dissolved solids, metals and a wide range of organic contaminants at varying concentration ratios. Permitted industrial systems have established field histories.