Retardex / Retardent

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Retardex / Retardent
Telling a patient about their not-so-fresh breath is like telling kids where babies come from
Bad breath stinks.
And discussing it with patients is even worse.

Telling a patient about their not-so-fresh breath is like telling kids where babies come from. It's embarassing! It's not at all like pointing out a routine dental problem. But few procedures can match the life-changing potential of effective halitosis treatment. By incorporating several items into your practice, you can easily introduce your patients to a comprehensive oral hygiene program.

Abiodent's PerioTemp measures the temperature of the periodontal pocket to determine the presence of disease. The patient can actually see the areas that require treatment because of the easy-to-read, lighted display panel. PerioTemp makes it easy for your hygienist to confidently discuss any problems and prescribe the appropriate method of treatment.

Another valuable patient assessment tool is Abiodent's Halimeter. A sample is drawn from the patient's mouth and it calculates the sulfur compounds in the patient's breath. Both the mouth and sinus air can be sampled. It's simple, compact and easy for patients to understand.

Says Dr. William Dickerson, "I know of no better tool in dentistry to link tissue health to bad breath than the Halimeter. For those who are concerned with disease, however, the PerioTemp is powerful in showing the the presence of active disease."

Your patients can experience fresh breath and a truly healthy mouth with RetarDENT Toothpaste and RetarDEX Oral Rinse. The active ingredient Chlorine Dioxide goes to work to eliminate odor-causing volatile sulphur compounds (VSCs). Studies show that destroying VSCs also helps improve periodontal health. Patients can experience less bleeding and inflammation and even reduced pocket depths on probing with regular use. Give your patients something to smile about.

Rowpar Intro Pak. Contains: six 16 oz bottles of Retardex oral rinse, six 3.5 oz tubes of Retardent toothpaste, educational video and patient brochures. [737-65009]

Retardex Oral Rinse
16 oz., pkg of 12 [737-60004]

Retardent Toothpaste
0.75 oz, pkg of 48 [737-60559]

3.5 oz, pkg of 24 [737-60504]

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