Company Profile | March 9, 2000

Rural/Metro Corporation

Source: Rural/Metro Corporation
Rural/Metro Corporation Rural/Metro's history goes back 50 years, when founder Lou Witzeman became concerned that his neighborhood didn't have fire protection. So he pooled together some money, bought a fire truck, and asked his neighbors to subscribe to his fledgling company.

With the company was also born a new way of thinking about health and safety services. As a private sector company, Rural/Metro wasn't bound to tradition. So, rather than relying on traditional solutions, finding the most cost-effective ways to deliver services became the company's ethic.

Over the years, Rural/Metro has significantly expanded. Today the company offers a wide range of health and safety services, not only to communities, but also to the private sector. Among the services we provide are:

  • A wide range of medical transportation to healthcare facilities and health management organizations;
  • State-of-the-art communication and dispatching services;
  • Medical call centers;
  • Emergency training services to private and commercial enterprise;
  • Alarm installation and monitoring for home and business owners; and
  • Aircraft, rescue and firefighting services for airports.