White Paper

Three Must-Watch Technologies That Will Impact Field Service

The challenge of achieving field service excellence in today’s marketplace is getting tougher as spiraling customer expectations, rising fuel prices and restricted budgets continue to mar business efforts. However, the emergence of new and developing technologies have the potential to radically shift the way field service organizations operate and transform the way work is performed to dramatically improve service. Trimble’s technology guru Omar-Pierre Soubra talks about three of these technologies:

Self-driving cars

Engineering in the motor industry is developing all the time with many of the larger car manufacturers offering a steady stream of niche products, such as electric and hybrid vehicles. Self-driving cars are also increasing in popularity, which will have a major impact in the field service industry, moving forward.

For field technicians, the availability of a self-driving car will not only allow them to drive stress-free from one job destination to another, but it will also enable them to complete tasks while the vehicle is en route, boosting their productivity.

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