Company Profile | March 20, 2001

Vanderweil Facility Advisors (VFA)

Source: Vanderweil Facility Advisors (VFA)
VFA was founded in 1992 and has since become the de facto standard for determining facility conditions and integrating technology solutions for strategic capital planning. As the premier provider of facilities Capital Planning and Management Solutions (CPMS), we combine innovative business and technology practices for better return on capital reinvestment into multiple-building property portfolios.

Headquartered in Boston, MA, VFA's reach extends throughout North America, with several clients in Europe and Asia. Since its founding, VFA has assessed:

  • more than 10,500 properties
  • comprising more than 500 million sq. ft. of real estate assets
  • for schools and colleges, state, local, and federal governments, businesses and healthcare organizations
Our people are the critical factor in our success. This talented group of professional architects, engineers, software developers and technology consultants—led by a distinguished senior management team—brings a level of expertise and experience unmatched in the industry.

VFA has pioneered a web-based solution to facilities lifecycle management; a solution that combines superior technology with a proven business methodology to help organizations manage their capital investments.

VFA provides a complete range of software and consulting services that address the needs of professionals involved with facilities, enabling them to develop a coordinated and comprehensive approach to facilities capital management.