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Each year, tens of millions of dollars are spent on drill programs in the mining industry
Voice to Data - Cut Your Logging Time by 50 Percent or More

Each year, tens of millions of dollars are spent on drill programs in the mining industry. Tens of thousands of man-hours are then spent interpreting and analyzing the results of these programs and trying to apply the knowledge gained in a timely manner. VoiceLogger can cut the time spent on manual interpretation and transcription of logged data and improve your data accuracy at the same time.

The VoiceLogger Solution: Voice Recognition Direct to Data
Using advanced voice-recognition technology from Datria to populate your mining database, VoiceLogger accurately interprets a geologist's spoken observations and converts them into data fields describing rock color, lithology, grain-size, alteration, or any other attribute needed to describe your drill results.

VoiceLogger is powerful & flexible

  • Creates custom recognition-vocabularies to fit the geologic regime your drill target occupies.
  • Allows use by multiple loggers without‚ retraining the computer to recognize a new operator.
  • Open forms development for logging activities in mine engineering, exploration, mine planning for solid core, RC chip or any other drill-type.
  • Exports completed logs directly to MEDS System, Vulcan, Datamine, and others or print directly from VoiceLogger to produce a hardcopy logsheet.

Reduce your drill program backlog
Cut the days or weeks worth of unlogged samples to mere hours. Achieving near real-time access to critical exploration drill data (Real-time drill management) can save tens of thousands of dollars in drilling costs associated with poor drill placement.

Make VoiceLogger work for you!
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