WebLease: Affordable Do-It-Yourself Web Space and Services

Source: Khera Communications, Inc.
Cost: $100 setup, $50/month (or $80/month with a Custom Domain Name)
Basic Service

Cost: $100 setup, $50/month (or $80/month with a Custom Domain Name). Includes

    10 MB of disk space
  • 100 MB/month of data transfer (a.k.a. traffic)
  • Weekly activity reports (i.e., number of hits per
  • document, MB transferred, etc.)
  • Additional disk space: $10/month per 10 MB
  • Additional data transfer: $10/month per 100 MB


  • Custom Domain Name: $200 registration (this includes the $100 fee imposed 9/15/95 by InterNIC, the organization in charge of the domain name registry). If you want your own domain name, we'll apply for the registration for you. What's does your own domain name do for you? Your Web address (your URL) will be With your own domain name, that address will be, making it easier for people to remember your URL. (InterNIC will charge you $50 per year after your third year to keep your domain name registered. This policy was instituted 9/15/95 and EVERYONE with an Internet domain name must comply.) Transferring a domain name from another host is $100.

  • Email Alias: $25 one-time fee each ($20 for 5 or more ordered at one time). A custom domain name is required to use this option. If you want special email addresses based on your domain name, we can set up aliases that route email to your current address. This means that you can have an email address like sent to your Prodigy, Compuserve, AOL, MCIMail, PSI, Netcom, or any other standard email address and everyone will think that you're running your own Web server. The addresses are valid as long as you maintain your Web space account with us. (This option is not a dial-up email account. Contact your local Internet Service Provider for those.)

  • Custom Form: $200 one-time fee. We can quickly create a semi-custom form for people to contact you. The form includes fields for users to enter their name, address, phone, fax, email, and select up to 8 checkboxes that describe information that you have to send to them and an open field for any questions they might have. The completed forms are routed to an email address that you specify. If you want completely custom forms, contact us for a specific quote.

  • Password Protected Areas: $50 setup, $25/month. If you want to add password protection on any of your subdirectories to limit the access, we've designed proprietary software to let you be your own administrator. That lets you add, delete, and modify passwords for your "members only" section.

  • Online Marketing: Once you develop a web site, how will your customers find it? We offer two ways to let the world know you're on the web:

    1. Listing in over 100 Search Engines: $150 one-time fee. We'll submit your site to over 100 of the most popular search engines on the web, including Yahoo, Lycos, Excite, Webcrawler, and many others. Just give us 10 keywords and a short description of the site and we'll handle the rest. (Submission does not guarantee that the search engine will list your web site.)

    2. Press Release Distribution Electronically: $225 per press release. Through a partnership with the Internet News Bureau, we'll send your press release electronically to hundreds of reporters who cover the Internet. These include reporters from large magazines like Newsweek, Time, the Wall Street Journal, and many others. This will bring you added visibility without incurring any printing or postage costs.

  • Full-text Keyword Search: $250 one-time setup fee. If you have a lot of information on your site, you can take advantage of special software we've written to enable full-text searches on your documents. People type in the keyword(s) they are interested in and instantly receive a list of documents that match their search criteria.

  • Online Discussion Groups: $100 setup (includes software license, $25/month. Want to include discussion groups where people can ask questions, post responses, and see other people's replies? This option lets you do it. It's ideal for organizations that want to provoke discussions and debates about topics of interest. You can have as many Forums as you want within the Discussion Group. Each Forum can have many Topics, which are typically the questions people are asking. The Topics can have multiple messages and replies. You, as a webmaster, can create new Forums and delete Topics and message threads.

  • Automatic E-mail Reply: $50 Setup, $25/month. We can set up a special e-mail address that automatically sends information about your organization to anyone requesting it. For example, if you send e-mail to, you'll immediately receive, in your e-mailbox, information about our Internet services. We can set up the same kind of automated response system with your marketing material. It's like an Internet version of a fax-on-demand service.

  • Electronic Publishing/Electronic Mailing Lists: $50 Setup, $25/month (unlimited mailings). While unsolicited electronic mailings are taboo on the Internet, you can still send e-mail to those who want it. This means that you can send a newsletter, product announcement, press release, whatever you want to people who ask to get on your electronic mailing list. You'll also save thousands in postage and printing costs alone. We'll design a form that people can fill out online to get on your electronic mailing list. For those who only have e-mail access to the Internet (and not Web browsing capabilities), we'll design a special e-mailbox that can automatically add their e-mail address to the list. Users just send a message to that special address with the word ``subscribe'' in their ``Subject'' line. Our software takes care of the rest. To send a mailing to everyone on the list, all you do is send an e-mail message to another special e-mailbox we've designed. Your message will be delivered to everyone immediately.

  • Ad on the Business Resource Center: $25 CPM (cost per thousand impressions). To get even more visibility for your site, we can put an advertisement on the Business Resource Center ( If your products or services are targeted to small businesses, this an excellent low- cost advertising opportunity. (Advertisers include IBM, Lotus, Fidelity Investments, Computer Discount Warehouse, iCentral, and many others.)

Few other Web space providers can give you all of these solutions immediately. In fact, even fewer offer password protected areas, custom domain names, forms, statistics of your site's traffic, and email aliases as part of their package (actually, we don't know of any others that do). All you need is an Internet account anywhere in the world that lets you upload files via FTP. We reserve the right to refuse objectionable content.

Call us at (301) 545-6999 or send email to Raj Khera at take advantage of this affordable business solution to get yourself on the Internet now!