Product Showcase

  1. Scientific Graphing Software: SigmaPlot® Version 11
    SigmaPlot Version 11 is here! The premier graphing application now has powerful advisory statistical analysis features with more than 50 key statistical methods and more than 100 graph types. Used by more than 250,000 scientists, researchers, and engineers across a wide spectrum of disciplines for data and statistical analysis, SigmaPlot allows users to present their data using exact, publication-quality graphs and reports.
  2. 8 mm Diameter Zero-Backlash Gearhead
    MicroMo Electronics, Inc. announces the addition of a metal spur zero backlash gearhead with the release of the Series 08/3
  3. Size 17 Brushless DC Motor
    MicroMo's new division Micro-Drives introduces a size 17 brushless DC micro-motor for OEM applications requiring cost-effective power and reliability
  4. QUICKSHAFT Linear DC-Servomotor
    Boasting a slim line design of 12.5 x 47 mm and a weight of only 56 grams, at full power this drive provides up to 9.4 N of force. The linear DC servomotor comprises a metal housing made from a non-magnetic alloy, three phases, and three analog Hall sensors. A precision sliding metal rod equipped with a permanent magnets completes the linear motor. Both travel length options of 20mm or 80mm offer a dynamic, high-performance drive in a modern design.
  5. Precision Gearheads
    MicroMo spur and planetary gearheads are ideal for combination with the MicroMo DC motor program. Their compact construction and quiet operation are impressive
  6. DC Gearmotors
    MicroMo Electronics’ offers three types of DC gearmotors. A flat coreless DC motor with a plastic, spur gearhead, a flat brushless DC motor with a plastic, spur gearhead, and a sensorless brushless DC motor with Ø3mm and Ø5mm diameters with a plastic, planetary gearhead. All three types of gearmotors differ from conventional, iron rotor DC motors in their coreless winding construction.
  7. Stepper Motors
    MicroMo offers stepper motor products...
  8. General Dynamics Itronix Duo-Touch® II Tablet PC
    The General Dynamics Itronix Duo-Touch® II Tablet PC is the latest in a long line of fully rugged Tablet PCs, designed specifically to enable secure, reliable, mobile computing in environmentally-challenging work environments. This feature rich computing platform features dual-touch operating modes enabling you to switch effortlessly between active digitizer and passive touchscreen operations.
  9. Global Bay Mobile Solution For Inspections
    AccessPoint applications include a mobile capability for inspections, such as government agency inspections. AccessPoint enables agencies and inspectors to use mobile devices to complete licensing and inspection visits.
  10. Global Bay Housing Inspections
    Automate the inspection process. Equip field inspectors with information enhanced by smart logic that forces the right information to be collected every time. The customized application automatically detects entry errors and prompts the inspector, eliminating inaccuracies immediately.