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  • QSAI Wins $1.2 Million DOE Contract The United States Department of Energy’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management awarded <%=company1%> a one-year contract with 2 one-year options to provide oversight of the DOE’s Yucca Mountain High Level Nuclear Waste Repository Quality Assurance Program
  • Machining Job shop capabilities for manufacturing
  • 3D Laser Scanner The new 2500 3D Laser Scanner is combines a state-of-the-art, pulsed laser with high speed scanning optics to remotely capture 3D surface geometry measurements structures and sites in the form of 3D point clouds
  • 3D Graphics Software and 3D and Multimedia Graphics Board
    3D Graphics Software and 3D and Multimedia Graphics Board Merlin VR, a tool that enables web designers and digital content designers to create interactive 3D, is shipping with the All-in-Wonder Radeon 128 32MB combination TV, video, and graphics board
  • Classic Security Metal Detector
    Classic Security Metal Detector This walk through Metal Detector is engineered and designed to meet the specific security needs of public facilities such as...
  • Mobile Oil Change System
    Mobile Oil Change System The A.M.O.S. 30/30 M oil evacuation and delivery system is the most unique and efficient commercial marine oil changing system on the market today
  • Word Processing Hard copy, diskette, zip disk or CD of finished product provided
  • SPRAY WYNG™ Boom
    SPRAY WYNG™ Boom The SPRAY WYNG™ design principle is that the boom maintains a parallel position with the spray surface, as well as a perpendicular position with the line of travel, at speeds of up to 20 mph over rough terrain
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